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The unit was launched in 1968 when the Västerbotten County Council started with urology as a clinical specialty with Professor Lennart Andersson as the first Professor in Urology. He moved to the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm in 1973 and Lennart Wahlqvist became Professor of Urology 1974 until 1999. During that time period urology became a free-standing department at the Medical Faculty. However, later on, the Medical Faculty was re-organsised with Urology in its present status as a section in the Department of Surgical and Perioperative Sciences. Jan-Erik Damber was Professor in Urology from 1990 but moved to the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg in 1999 and Börje Ljungberg was appointed as a Professor in Urology from 2000.

The speciality urology contains knowledge and skills in traditional surgical treatment of urinary tract disorders and andrology. The practice of urology includes treatment of a number of endemic diseases such as bladder outlet symptoms, incontinence, stone and urological cancer.

Urology is one of the 14 specialities that are represented in all EU countries. The technical and medical developments within urology have been rapid and the different surgical and other techniques have changed.  There are a number of new techniques, methods,  and equipment allowing modern treatment. Some examples are extracorporal shockwave therapy of kidney stones, different treatment strategies for management of benign prostate hyperplasia and tumours. Our Department manages the specialized urological treatment referred from the County of Västerbotten and from northern region of Sweden. Malignant diseases represent the majority of the medical care as well as in the clinic and policlinic situation. Prostate cancer is the most common malignant disease followed by bladder and kidney cancer. Also testicular and penile cancer are malignant diseases that primarily are treatedby the urologist. Other disease groups that are common include urinary stone disease and patients with lower urinary tract symptoms. In our section, clinically applied science is based on urological diseases, but also basic research is represented within the unit.

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